Clue by Clue Mysteries

Clue by Clues are mystery games that practice critical thinking. Students are given a mystery, perhaps to figure out who committed a murder or how the police know a suspect is lying. Then they are given a clue. They discuss the clue, its relevance and meaning, and propose theories. Then they get a second clue and everything changes as they must rethink theories and ideas. This keeps going until they have all the information they need to solve the mystery. These games get students thinking and talking!

Available in PDF, PPT, or Google Slides.

Skills: Writing, Editing, Book Design, Cover Design.

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Classroom Community Builders

Classroom Community Builders is a collection of flexible community-building exercises for the classroom. Community-building classroom exercises directly affect student success, especially when combined with class content. The over 70 activities in this book help your students succeed while teaching teamwork skills and increasing their understanding.

Publisher: Alphabet Publishing

Skills: Writing, Editing, Book Design, Cover Design.

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On the Board

On the Board is an ebook containing 200 simple and successful do-now activities. Each do-now involves writing a proverb, quotation, brain-teaser, or joke on the board and setting students to interpret, analyze, and solve the do-now. One of the top most downloaded books on Smashwords in the categories of education and brainteasers.

Publisher: Alphabet Publishing

Skills: Converting and Publishing e-book. Book Design.
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Thirty-one Mysteries to Solve Clue by Clue

Thirty One Mysteries to Solve Clue by Clue is a collection of short mysteries that encourage students to talk, while also practicing critical thinking skills and close reading. Each mystery consists of a situation and 4-10 photocopiable cards.

Students read or listen to a puzzle or mystery to solve. Then they are given the first clue card. They start discussing it, sharing theories and defending their ideas. They get a second clue card. More discussion and thinking. Finally, after they have all the clues, they can try to solve the mystery!

Publisher: ProLingua

Skills: Authoring, revising, working with a publisher’s requirements.

Inside Writing Into

Inside Writing is an academic English textbook that teaches writing using the genre-approach to writing. Each unit required writing a model text in a different genre, from a short narrative to a PSA to a cause and effect essay, that used words from the Academic Word List, exercises to draw student attention to the features of that genre, vocabulary exercises, grammar exercises, a guided group writing exercise, and a final writing exercise for the student.