Services and Rates

I love being involved with creating other people’s projects. A good book or project is like a child, and it’s always an honor to help someone give birth to their baby. I’m happy to work as a publishing consultant, content/developmental editor, copy-editor, proofreader, formatter, designer, or any combination thereof.

My rates are based on the amount of time the project takes so the rates below are based on the industry standard 250-word page, which is how long a standard page full of text is. Educational materials may have fewer words on the page, but they may also have more complex designs. So my rates do vary based on how complex the project is, but they fall into the following ranges:

  • Content Editing $2-$10 per page
  • Copy-Editing $2-$10
  • Formatting ebooks: $50
  • ebook cover: $100
  • Print cover, including back cover: $300
  • Consulting, uploading books to sites, other services: $35

To get in touch, email me at or fill out the Google form below. Let me know what your project is, and how I can help you.