Get Your Books on Amazon Through KDP

The process of uploading books to the KDP website so they can be distributed through Amazon is not difficult. However, it can be confusing to a new author. KDP has done a lot to make the process user-friendly but there are still some publishing and design terms the layperson is not familiar with.  You may also not be sure what best practices are for some of the fields: What make good keywords? Where does the book description show up? What’s the difference between royalty plans? Should I use a free Amazon ISBN or my own?

So I’ve created two videos. One walks you step-by-step through the process of uploading a book to KDP. Once you have your manuscript and cover, you can follow along and get you book up in about 10-15 minutes!

The second video shows you how to upload an ebook to KDP. That process is simpler because there aren’t as many formatting issues involved! So the video is much quicker, less explaining and more following along watching me upload an actual ebook!

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Let me know what you think! Most importantly, leave me questions or comments here or on YouTube so I can fill in any gaps!


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